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The Dead End Kid

Force Our Smiles, Baby, Half-Dead...

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Real Name: =Micky= aka =ViV= Nguyen
Gender: Female
Location: Canada
Occupation: Student
Industry: Psychology

Lyk3 0|../|g, i'M lykE s0 Pu|..|k!!!1111!! l0Lz!!!1

"Scene? What scene? This so-called scene doesn't exist, we made it up with our preconceived notions about how the people 'belonging' to it should look, act - be like. Fuck the scene."

"Others can whine and complain all they want, but I can bitch."

or NOT. now screw off.

is friendly. really. just don't get on her bad side.

"I'm not a bitch, I'm just brutally honest."

has too many voices/accents. attends Vanier collegeConcordia University. dirty-minded. master imitator. loves listening to the rain. loves the drizzle. strange. has this tendency of poking people incessantly. people watcher. doesn't say "eh" but "hein/han". can be heard singing anytime. strums classical guitar with left hand but can't play a shit. plays piano. is in a band. left-handed writer. sneezes a lot. is always scribbling. loves sunny days. hates blinding sun.witty and very sarcastic. born canadian and proud to be. french better than english. speaks franglish and vietnamese. has vietnamese-chinese-french roots. completely random. procrastinator. hates politics but loves bitching at politicians. has a sharp knack at spotting the cute boys. thinks that cute boys + boytouching = hottness. doesn't care about pretty boys, but loves boys that are pretty. is not immature, just childish. has an overly creative imagination tinted with a strong sense of realism. sometimes loud and obnoxious, other times quiet and invisible.

hard book to read...
just open the damn cover.

don't try to understand her, she's just who she is.

she's a contradiction to herself.

visit her:
-myspace: .:I Swear I Lied:.
-greatestjournal: NoSecrecy
-watch out

... qu'est-ce que tu veux, toi?

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